As discussed in my book, I had the pleasure of being able to host my own radio show when contributing to Sixmilebridge based local community radio, or RINS FM.

Sadly no longer running, RINS FM had a group of dedicated volunteers, who gave up their time each weekend to broadcast a wide variety of interesting programmes, from jazz to local cultural heritage, news and sport to current affairs.

As a regular panellist and occasional presenter of the sports show, I became accustomed to the setup, and before long wanted to try my hand at having my own show. Thus 'Legends' was born, but we were not re-inventing the wheel.

Taking the best hits of chosen bands and writing a bit of waffle for between the songs, I thoroughly enjoyed researching, producing and broadcasting my own show. My only regret was that I didnt find time to do the others I had in the pipeline, including Jimi Hendrix, The Stone Roses, and Pink Floyd, all of which would have been simply fecking awesome!

With the help of Arran O'Dwyer, Jimmy O'Brien, Marion Halpin, and Pat Barry, I successfully recorded a few shows, which you can listen to on this page


Bee Gees

This was my first ever broadcast, and was a half-hour show. Enjoy!

Thin Lizzy

With some great bands, a half an hour show was simply not enough time!

Al Green

The very reverend Al Green was a show I really enjoyed making

Led Zep

Undoubtedly one of the best rock bands of all time, Led Zep were one of the first down on my list!


Again, this was a two part show:


English band Radiohead were an enigma. Fairly recent in the scheme of things, I put together Three shows, and did a lot of research of them. Sadly, only Part One made it from the script to the recording studio! Here it is:

The Rolling Stones

Although I enjoyed the research, this was one where I definitely bit off more than I could chew! I literally went through about forty years of albums and tracks, which took a lot longer than I had been expecting. And even after a Part One and a Part Two, I still left out some great songs!

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