Again, thanks for your interest, this page is simply designed to allow you to listen to:

* A couple of chapters of "The Fox and The Scorpion Meet Cold Turkey"
* Relevant links to podcasts on local media
* Eventually, a full downloadable audiobook of "The Fox and the Scorpion Meet Cold Turkey"

Feel free to check out the uploads below. Thanks!


ClareFM podcast

On March 9th I was welcomed to the studios of Clare FM to meet Fiona and Gavin. I was invited to talk about my book and the upcoming Ennis book launch on March 11th. They were very kind and it was a nice interview and enjoyable experience!

Pickpocketed by a Prostitute

When I was living in Leeds I had the great misfortune of being robbed. In some ways it was a harsh but necessary lesson to learn. Nonetheless, I recall it like it was yesterday.

The Day After

Due to my circumstances, I was neither hungover nor suffering the after-effects of a big party, on May 14th, in 2012. In fact, I recall with some clarity, the rollercoaster of emotions from the amazing events of day before.

Once in a Lifetime trip to Sri Lanka

We satisfied a long term ambition of ours when it came to our honeymoon trip
of a lifetime.

Departing from the scheduled itinerary, we visited our sponsored family in Sri Lanka, and needless to say, it was a very emotional occasion!


No Way!

One of the funnier stories I recount is from a summer job I had when working in a factory in Wakefield, when one of the lads told us about a wee problem he had.

Feck this

During the narrative, I touch upon my battle with depression, and fending off the incessant negative thoughts caused by my mind, and the circumstances I was in.

My First Love

Aside from wine and women, my fondness for footy knows no bounds. Here I tell the story of attending Maine Road, as a kid, for the very first time, and falling for a fair maiden, otherwise known as Manchester City Football Club.

Clare C.C.C. in Spain

The inaugural trip abroad with the Clare County cricket team turned out to be an interesting one.

Of course, what happens on tour, stays on tour, but the bits I can relate, include the match with Andalucia XI.



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