Your health is your wealth.

Mental health could include a regular meditation practice. Physical health might include a regular physical activity. And getting the right balance is important in dealing with life's pressures, from stress at work to family life.

Furthermore, diet and appetite are crucially important, as we are all aware.


Holistic Therapy

The importance of our wellbeing is fundamental. There are many approaches to holistic healing, most of which are drug-free, and side-effect free.

What they all have in common, is treating the whole human individual, as one.

So whether it be rooted in mind, body, or spirit, holistic therapy may address and heal your problem.


In German, they say "Du bist was du isst," or, "You are what you eat." And at a biological level, the cells of the body regenerate from the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs and other nutrients we ingest. So it is quite literally true!

I came across some interesting information on fruits and foodstuffs which I felt it would be useful to share, since we could all use a health boost from time to time!

Vegetable harvest isolated

Mental Health

Aside from physical exercise and a good diet, it is important to regularly give your mind a system health check.

As an advocate for the benefits of mindfulness, I would always recommend seeking out a local centre, where one can meet other like-minded souls, and seek to cultivate a meditation practice.

meditation rock

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