This section is intended for anyone who wishes to get in touch with any questions, comments, issues or observations.

I touch on many themes in my book and the website is a vehicle for anyone who wants to explore any areas of interest in greater depth.

That is the reason why I have so many links to other sites, other pages, and other organisations which I feel may be of interest.

Obviously, the website was originally intended as a vehicle to sell my book, but it has become much more, and to some degree, a project in its own right. Thus, the intention is not to keep people on my site, but encourage people to surf away!


There are many themes raised in the book, and in a spirit of positive debate, sharing of information, and communication, if you feel you would like to start a discussion topic, or simply leave a message, feel free to submit your thoughts via the contact field in this section, thanks!


Get in Touch

Feel free to get in touch and contact me personally. I will endeavour to respond to every question, and comment, in order to engage directly with anyone who is looking to get in touch.

I will also post any interesting questions with answers via a regular blog type update.

For those who have an interest in Chess, the link at the bottom of the page takes you to my profile on, where I play games with people all over the world. Feel free to challenge me to a game. Cheers!

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