Thank You 2020

This time of year naturally lends itself to some reflection whilst in hibernation. What an amazing year it has been! Big lessons in gratitude, and awareness. Thank you so much 2020 :)

Little things, such as going swimming, or getting a haircut, it will be difficult to take for granted again.

Big things, like sharing my life with a supportive partner on a healing path from addiction, depression, lack of self-love, bereavement, victimhood, codependency and family separation - obviously I am grateful every day for.

On a bigger picture landscape, there are a few books which have changed my life, such as "And the Truth shall set you Free" by David Icke, "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz, and "The Power of Intention" by Wayne Dyer, to name but a few, in addition to the three I have published myself, which have all in some way changed my life as well.


Once you are confronted with evidence of a very real conspiracy against humankind, including a global depopulation agenda, and you share this information in good faith, to be ridiculed, blocked, ignored, criticised and hated on, you quickly realise the path of a "Truther" is not an easy one!

When you spend a decade or more being dismissed as a 'Conspiracy theorist' or mocked as being 'deluded', and then the Universe does an absolutely amazing thing in 2020 - it reveals the Truth of this agenda for everyone to see, even if they still do not believe it, because, let's face it, rethinking your world view, is too difficult a challenge for some people, especially those led or driven by their ego. Rethinking your world view, when presented with evidence, means being prepared to have been wrong, it means being open minded, and it means being committed to Truth.
Sadly, there are still people who are not ready to wake up, but every day the number is increasing.
Nobody with a basic amount of common sense would accept that they cannot hug their parents or children, because a flu virus with a 99.6% survival rate is out there. However, scaremongering and fearmongering is a proven successful tactic among corrupt regimes, particularly those willing to avail of furthering controls.
Unbelievably, people come out on the street, wearing masks, proclaiming their duty to 'stay safe', looking forward to vaccines, and accepting violations of their basic constitutional rights. Believing the lamestream media narrative, which perpetuates the same agenda as the international criminal cartel of child trafficking sociopath big-pharma touting military industrial complex Bilderberger "New World Order" adrenochrome addicted psychopaths you warned everyone about, who through their data-harvesting technology companies, such as twitter, facebook, google, and their intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and the FBI, are enabled to continually perpetrate this sick and satanic agenda.
Being conditioned to outsource our power, being complicit in belittling ourselves, our dreams, our lives, our health and our connection to the Cosmic, has been a very pervasive, palpable and successful programme.
Reducing humankind even through their fake religions, and the concept of 'original sin', one could almost be forgiven for buying into their dumbing-down of ordinary, decent, hard-working people as nothing but 'Goyim'.
This, of course, is in complete contrast to the actual nature of truth and reality, which is as a human being, we are manifest Divine.
We are infinite souls, vital life force energy, combined with spirit energy, thoughts or mind, and reborn into our physical bodies mostly without memory of our previous incarnations, although in some cases these may be 'remembered' or 'recollected'. The 'tabula rasa', a clean slate, a fresh lifetime, in which to create and manifest.
You are human, get off your knees, wake up, stand up, puff out your chest, stand in your Power, and know that you are God manifest in physical reality.
You are your own authority.
You are Enough. Just as you Are.
You do not require permission to live, love, travel, hug and breathe.
It is your right as a being of Light manifest in a human rebirth.
Wishing you all a happy holidays, a very prosperous 2021, and the awakening of human kind to its true nature, and the consequent dissolution of the cabal and its evil agenda.
May you be happy, may you be well.
Carl J Ashley
December 2020

#Gratitude #2020 #Truth #Justice #Freedom

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