Soul Journey or Ego Trip? #MancunianBuddha

With the publishing of this fifth book, entitled Mancunian Buddha, we bring into focus self-awareness, self-love and self-esteem.

The important message communicated in this original non-fiction narrative, being that no matter who you are or where you are at, the simple realisation must occur, that "You are Enough".

Indeed, somewhat aptly, Manchester-born author Carl J Ashley ruminates upon spirituality. From a field in rural Tipperary.

Spirituality, is nourishment for the Soul.

It transcends religosity and is more than believing in God, following a credo, or attending local church services.

Humanity can be seen to be currently lacking in spirituality.

And hence the descent into chaos, part of an agenda perpetrated by sick or evil beings.

Nonetheless, there is always Hope.

If you seek to awaken the best qualities within yourself, and you are not afraid to let your light shine, this will illuminate the path for others.

buddharupa stone

Human virtues, such as benevolence, compassion, generosity and love, are the currency of the Soul.

Evil exists, only where there is an absence of good.

A lack of nourishment for the Soul, can lead to ill-will, intolerance, selfishness, pride, jealousy and hatred, causing injustice, inequality, conflicts and suffering.

Happiness resides in genuine Spirituality.

Before embarking on your choice between an ego trip or a soul journey, it will pay to remember a self-evident truth. You are a Divine Being!

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