Proud to be a ‘Covidiot’?

Proud to be a “Covidiot”?

Hi everyone, hope you are having an awesome 2020.

Since a few months ago, I was highly suspicious of the mainstream narrative which emerged, specifically when I heard the terms “coronavirus”, “covid 19” and “pandemic”.

Let’s just say the whiff of bullshit was strong in the nostrils.

If it looks like bullshit, and smells like bullshit, well, you know the rest.

Having researched a lot of material before publishing The Fox and the Scorpion meets Cold Turkey , back in 2016, and having educated myself about the topics brought up in a David Icke book, back in 2011, which I read, entitled “And the Truth shall set you Free”, I realised that certain events which had long been prophesied, or predicted, were coming to pass in 2020.

I had stopped watching television about ten years hence, and hadn’t bought a newspaper for much longer, since I found both newspapers and television channels would be full of things I didn’t need to know, but would leave me feeling either angry or upset.

Why bother doing that to yourself?

After I stopped buying newspapers and watching television I was worried – but what about world events, and what was going on?

fuck covid

Being a dad, a philosopher, a psychologist, an author, a critical thinker, and well, just a Virgo, even, and being highly sceptical in nature, I had taught my children to “Question Everything” and for my own sins, already questioned a lot of the events in history and in recent times proposed under what would become known as the umbrella term ‘Conspiracy theories’.

I understood that this was a term not just used to dismiss people who were capable of thinking ‘outside the box’ but also a term synonymous with educated and critical accounts of people which challenged the official or mainstream narrative about a lot of things which were presumed to be true.

They usually involved the ‘secret services’ or ‘special agents’ and most humans were either sufficiently dumbed down or unaware as to the actual reality of what had occurred in certain events which were explained away by the state television news channels or individual nation governments.

What emerged was an understanding that there is, or was, a global elite of criminal, evil entities, which had long subjugated and suppressed humanity, with the help of certain humans, for a very long time.

And usually with undeniably related unpalatable truths, such as blood sacrifices, child trafficking, human trafficking, paedophilia, and wholly unacceptable practices to most ordinary, decent human beings, who would go about their business of working in jobs, raising their families, and generally carry on with life happily unaware of any global, evil conglomerate who could manipulate economic markets at will, create wars and depressions, and even more preposterously experiment upon and rape and kill human children.

It was easier to dismiss the evidence, and pretend I had not understood properly what had been presented to me with clear and constructive evidence.

It was easier to deny what had been clearly presented to me, because it would mean I would have to rethink my whole attitude to life.

It would be easier to dismiss the warnings of seasoned researchers, as ‘conspiracy theories’ because then I wouldn’t have to bother waking up to the truth.

And so I came to the conclusion that truth, like justice, was a rare commodity.

I even suffered from depression, as a consequence.

The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, back in the sixties, was the perhaps the first in mass consciousness. The official story was bullshit. He was murdered in plain day for going against the agenda of a would-be deep state plot.

Other events, like Pearl Harbour, predated that, but not many would be aware that was a scam, whereas with JFK, the official story put to millions of people, was obviously bullshit, to anyone with half a brain cell.

For some people, the atrocities committed on the 11th September, in 2001, commonly known now as 9/11, would also be a big red flag, where eye witness accounts proved beyond doubt that premeditated bombs were detonated in the basements of the twin towers to collapse the buildings into their footprint, like any other controlled demolition.

Who on Earth would have the temerity, to pretend the buildings were destroyed by hijacked planes crashing into upper floors, and even blow up a third building, in broad daylight, whilst having hypnotised a global audience on television?

That would be like a fly crashing into your windscreen, then your car collapsing into its footprint.

Engineers and scientists alike have still never ever seen the phenomenon of how burning jet fuel can turn steel and concrete into ash. Because it doesn't!

Then there was the invasion of Iraq, dubbed as the ‘Gulf War’, and looking back, there were critical accounts of random things like the Moon Landings, the Boston Marathon, the Sars virus, the so-called ‘July bombings’ in London and numerous other events from the assassination of Franz Ferdinand back in 1914 to provoke World War One, to the more recent Coronavirus “Pandemic” in recent times.

On many occasions, the official explanation for these happenings could be taken with a pinch of salt.

Not that every official explanation was a lie, but certainly that there was always room for doubt.

And once one has learned to ask questions, such as “Who benefits?” then the deception emerges. It may not be immediately evident, but eventually, the truth, once shrouded in mystery, becomes plain.

It is no coincidence that the media channels are owned by the same beings who are instructing governments to carry out their mandated agendas against the will of the people.

It is no coincidence that while hundreds of thousands of people across the world, take to the streets to protest, that governments are secretly doing deals with defence manufacturers to buy clones or robots to replace police forces.

For those who tune into the television and radio, believing what they hear and see, there will be an awakening.

Particularly in the context of money and finance.

This will also be the case with the whole charade which has been played out with this fake pandemic.

State sponsored fear porn, to promulgate an agenda more befitting of a sci-fi movie, with vaccinations, microchipping, the introduction of a global technocracy and other ‘New World Order’ agenda programmes engendered to enslave mankind in a ‘new normal’ shroud of Luciferian bullshit which attacks family values, community values and the elderly.

How on Earth could decent, ordinary humans allow these Bilderberger, super-rich, motherfucking fools to get away with that?

We know Barry Hussein (or ‘Obama’ as his handlers preferred us to know him by) gave the green light, during his presidency, for billions of US dollars to fund a lab in Wuhan, and we know that Coronavirus was created in that lab in Wuhan.

And yet Trump was lambasted as a racist for calling it the ‘China Virus’.

We know that the inventor of the test, said his test was not reliable for determining coronavirus, because it was designed to detect other things, but if you amplified the results, you could produce a ‘positive’ test result for anybody with exosomes and say they had ‘coronavirus’.

corona test unreliable

In fact, the virus has never even been isolated, therefore in reality it cannot be tested for, nor vaccinated against.

And yet we allow them to quarantine healthy people in an unprecedented move to treat healthy individuals as sick.

Furthermore, we know that the best antidote to a flu virus, is the time-served human immune system. Strengthened by generations of ancestors’ immune systems. Bolstered by vitamin c, vitamin d, magnesium, zinc and spices such as turmeric, cumin and garlic, there is absolutely no need to mandate the wearing of facemasks among the human population, unless it is a fashion trend.

Wearing a facemask, to feel safe from a virus, is like erecting a garden fence, to prevent a mosquito from coming in.

Absolutely useless.

And yet psychologically, people are convinced to wear face coverings, as if they have any impact, other than inhibiting the individuals ability to breathe properly.

Then they emotionally blackmail people as if they ought to feel guilty for not wearing these useless face coverings, because it might somehow be an issue for someone without a robust immune system.

These are the weapons being deployed by a fearmongering, behaviourist elite who have researched how their mandates will take hold and whom have sponsored governments to enforce their agenda.

But people have a choice.

We can choose to say no to this bullshit.

We can choose to preserve and maintain family values, community values, and human values.

We can choose to travel freely as sovereign beings, stop and talk, have a chat, eat, drink, socialise, whatever, and know that we do so with robust immune systems absolutely designed to handle flu viruses, whether they occur naturally, or whether they are created in a lab by evil geniuses who can profit by billions from selling vaccines to people who don’t need them.

It’s like the plot of a movie, living in 2020.

We also know that nursing homes and care for the elderly homes have been subjected to unscrupulous measures.

We also know that lockdowns are injurious to the mental of the population, especially among the vulnerable and the elderly.

So who on Earth gets to mandate this bullshit?

We know that the World Health Organisation, like the United Nations, is a quango of unelected business interests.

We also know that big pharma profits from sick people.

So when will enough humans wake up to this bullshit and say enough is enough?

I choose not to endanger my health and so I choose not to wear a facemask. I am medically exempt.

Numpties on social media sites call people like me a ‘covidiot’, which is quite clever, but not as clever as the plot which has them sucked into believing their self-righteousness makes a difference.

I believe it is abhorrent, to human consciousness, to accept the draconian measures being legislated for, by the advent of this so-called pandemic.

I believe it is injurious, to mandate the wearing of facemasks without any scientific basis for doing so.

But then the whole agenda seems to be hinged upon a lack of real science.

Ask yourself why conscientious doctors are speaking out about the hoax of the pandemic.

Ask yourself why these same doctors are being taken off social media platforms, and censored from speaking freely.

Ask yourself why the terms ‘conspiracy theories’ and ‘covidiot’ even exist.

Your government does not apparently want you to think.

Because this might lead you to conclude the obvious – the current lockdown is a psychological experiment designed by behaviourists who have already researched the best ways to enslave humankind in a system of obedience, subservience and control.

Everything is made of energy.

Energetic vibrations.

Our thoughts, our feelings and our beliefs manifest our physical reality.

Choose love, not fear.

Be loving, kind and gentle.

Firstly with yourself, then with anyone else who is still hanging out with you.

The government agenda is fear-based.

There are entities who feed off this fear.

They will not succeed in their evil intentions, once enough people have woken up to what is actually going on.

The mask slips (literally) and the illusion falls away.

They do not care for my wellbeing, your wellbeing, or the wellbeing of our children.

They are paid handsomely with perks, money and titles, for their agreement to be complicit in this agenda against humankind.

Denying medical attention to the elderly, closing down schools and businesses, restricting movement of people, and attempting to mandate big pharma vaccinations, because of a flu virus with a 99.47% survival rate, is patently insane.

People die every day from stress, loneliness, isolation, depression, hunger, thirst and poverty. Not to mention heart disease and cancer.

Mental health services are under huge strain.

We are living in very difficult times for many.

And yet there is huge hope.

Faith in the goodness of human nature.

Trust in God, the Universe, Source, our alien parents, whatever you believe is out there, that has your back.

The world is a good place, full of good people.

With a minority of wrongdoers, corrupt, evil beings who have perpetrated a big sick joke of a plan to enslave us in servitude and depression.

What better antidote, to be happy, free, light, creative and passionate?

The future of our world, the world our children will inherit, is not going to be helped by people wearing facemasks, running round afraid to to go anywhere.

Stay home my arse!

Go to the beach, go to the woods, go to a moor, mountain or lake. Being in nature, and connected to nature, allows us to feel our divine connection, and allows us to rise from quagmire of gloop created by a system which is designed to subvert our noblest intentions and highest aspirations.

Be creative, play, write, paint, act, dress up, swim, exercise, meditate and rest. Your existence, a denial of the fear based agenda.

Be a covidiot, like me. And enjoy this clip of George Carlin telling it like it is...

God Bless

May Peace Be Upon You

Carl J Ashley
October 2020

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