Dodgy Bills!

by Carl J Ashley

Be warned folks, there are some dodgy Bills in circulation.

Like pretty much everyone else, just lately, under virus lockdown here in the west of Ireland, I have had a little extra time to reflect.

Obviously, there are those for whom these current times do not mean they are staying home under lockdown. And not just nurses, delivery drivers and key essential services staff, but strangely enough, construction workers, electricians and cable technicians rolling out fibre infrastructure and 5G.

If those employees and contractors are not observing the government regulations for social distancing and self-isolation, do they know something we don’t?
Also, what of the impact of the current situation?
At home, in the local community, and on a global scale?
Well, for me personally, I haven’t seen my children in over three weeks. But we chat and they are okay, thank God. And whilst working remotely, from home, was a normal thing for me, I am missing my weekly and daily routines of social activity, such as the gym, swim, and five aside footy.
Having said that, I am hugely grateful. Practising a gratitude meditation has helped me heal from victimhood, lack of self-love, and other unhealthy, negative states of being, including depression, and addiction. For tips on not just surviving, but thriving, in the current lockdown, see my other blog here:
We have Vitamin B,C and D, Ginseng, Magnesium, fresh fruit and vegetables, and with a healthy stash of Barry’s tea stockpiled, I have a roof over my head, food in the cupboard, clean, country air (when the chemtrail pilots have the day off), company of an amazing lady, and a lovely space in which to work, write, think, reflect, study, meditate and pray. In short, I am lucky, blessed and grateful.
Beyond the home environment, and its eerily quiet in the towns. Recently I have been in Mitchelstown, Tipperary town and Limerick city. Shopping for crucial supplies, armed with sanitizing hand wipes and dressed sporting a hoodie, plastic gloves and a scarf.
It is surreal. They are all like ghost towns.
In fact, it is like we are living in a sci-fi movie.
Or a social experiment, like Big Brother.
Indeed, these are unprecedented times.
And in all the chaos caused by the media-driven panic over the Corvid-19 flu virus, the business community has gone into meltdown, with many small Irish businesses closing down for the foreseeable.
It will do no harm to focus on serving local communities, as an antidote to the forces of globalisation.
Beyond our local communities, other factors are at play, including the world economy, the collapse of the oil markets, suspected conspiracies such as the introduction of microchipping, the New World Order depopulation agenda, and the role of Trump, Putin, and China, in their efforts to finally remove a corrupt fiscal, banking and monetary system which has been at odds with humanity for the last couple of centuries, not to mention some very disturbing news around the Clintons and Bill Gates, and their connection to the deep state and this virus pandemic.
I have done plenty of research online, and read books and other resource material, since around 2009, and after a decade or so of consuming a broad variety of information, please understand that I had to really open my mind to reconsider the cleverly cultivated image of Bill Clinton as a genial, pot-smoking, saxophone-playing, cool President. So there was that business with the girl he got caught getting a blow job from, Monica Lewinsky, but by all accounts, if we were to believe the media spin, she was a newbie on the scene and smitten by his charm, not a hapless victim of sexual abuse at the hands of an unscrupulous psychopath.
In his rise to power, as the governor of Arkansaw, Bill Clinton was apparently ruthless. With the local judge and the police chief in his pocket, anyone opposing him was conveniently found dead, and the verdict was suicide. If anyone spoke up, went to the police, went to the media, same result – found dead. Verdict – suicide.
Fast forward a generation, and the same story is coming out about his wife Hilary – although the stories sadly involve much more disturbing facts than murder, manslaughter, deception and lies.
Julian Assange is currently rotting in a prison cell somewhere, under arrest for what was called a ‘Wikileaks dump’, where the NYPD, FBI and CIA were all sent the private emails of Hilary Clinton, her aide Abeda Humin, and her campaign manager John Podesta, and his ‘Pizzagate’ emails, revealing also her connection to billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the trafficking of children to be used for sex by high profile adrenochrome addicts.
As Trump says, they are very, very sick people. Follow Q, Qanon and Digital Soldier for more on the campaign against these sick psychos, since 9/11, on social media. Of course, Google, Facebook and Microsoft have been monitoring us 24/7, however, if the links haven’t all been removed, you can google ‘Adrenochrome’ if you haven’t heard about this stuff, but be careful, if you are of a sensitive disposition, these revelations are truly shocking. Most people could not even conceive that other humans would do these things, let alone to innocent children. Be prepared for the worst.
People laughed, mocked and ridiculed English author David Icke, when he wrote publicly that the world was run by an international elite of bloodline descendents of a reptilian, extraterrestrial race. Twenty years later, he doesn’t seem so crazy after all, does he?
But when one reads of the inhuman atrocities committed by the Clintons, and their high-profile chums in Hollywood, when one reads of underground tunnels full of children, who are tortured, abused and murdered, how can this possibly sit with what we have all heard and been told for years in the media, which projects these people as high status celebrities worthy of our adulation?
They say follow the money, and when one reads the list of people who have made donations to the Clinton Foundation, it is very revealing.
Like him or loathe him, and despite his poor media approval rating and apparent lack of charm, Trump is reputedly engaged in putting these criminals behind bars. Jail if you confess, execution for treason if you don’t. He is not one of them. No matter his public image as a buffoon, some say misogynistic, racist, and so on, at least he is neither a paedophile nor a psychopath.
research!Unlike Bill Gates, who was again in the news recently, for standing down as the boss of Microsoft, one of the largest companies in the world.
More disturbingly, it has been revealed that in cultivating his image as a philanthropist, Gates has been instrumental in investing huge sums of money into vaccines and virus research, via the ingeniously named ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’. On the face of things, this research is designed to help humanity.
Gee, what a great guy. Thanks Bill. But what of the report back in 2009, where he was quoted as subscribing to the notion that the only solution to overpopulation, was a global pandemic. The Georgia guidestones, his billionaire Bilderberger buddies, and another investment, by billionaire Warren Buffet, boosting coffers to 40 Billion. Now I don’t know if that’s dollars, pounds, or Euros, but that’s a lot of money. Money for research into vaccines, to save poor humans, who keep breeding, and causing overpopulation. Shame people keep dying, from these so-called vaccines!
One such research centre, was attended by Chinese students, one of whom was reportedly accosted in customs trying to smuggle 21 vials of a dark, brown liquid back to Wuhan, in China, last year.
Nothing to be alarmed about, there then.
You couldn’t make this shit up!
Do your own digging, and do your own research, before condemning what you hear, if it doesn’t subscribe to your beliefs.
And please remember : Question everything!
Same for newspapers. The mainstream media has had its day. In the hands of a corrupt, elite minority, the mainstream news channels have been shown up for what they are – simply a tool of those billionaires who wish to control public opinion. Scrutinise everything you hear from a mainstream media source and ask – who benefits? They lack credibility, accountability, and neutrality.
The truth, so they say, always comes out.
Truth has a vibration, a purity, a signature.
Truth in and of itself has a resonance ; an energy of its own.
As Gandhi apparently said, even if you are in a minority of one, speak your truth, for the truth is all we need.
In my first book, The Fox and the Scorpion Meets Cold Turkey (, I refer to some of the material I researched, stuff that is relevant to what is coming up now. In my fifth book, soon to be released, entitled ‘Mancunian Buddha’, I ask the question – which would you prefer – to go on an ego trip, or a soul journey?
Indeed, to those who understand, no explanation is necessary.
These difficult times are set to be very difficult for those, who will cling to their old-world views, and the opinions they gathered from the mainstream media, without doing their research.
For those in denial, avoidance and persisting in the reality of what was coined ‘cognitive dissonance’, this could be a bumpy ride.
For those open-minded enough to accept that they have been lied to, from cradle to grave, in the words of Lewis Carroll’s Alice, as she headed down the rabbit hole, things are about to get “curiouser and curiouser”.
The veil is lifting, folks.
Brace yourselves…
Stay safe and well,
Carl J Ashley
April 2020

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